Coming Soon | New Music | Titled – Poison | by Jegz Music | @JegzMusic

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[Just be ready]

Well looks like my favorite RnB artist is dropping a new song. In all his past videos he always in trouble with ladies. They do him wrong, or he just forgets them to be with his friends. He always looking for a way to win a lady over or he’s going to take you with him. Mostly I enjoy his vocals and his energy level and he’s quite entertaining. So as we wait until Feb. 7th. 2019 check out Jegz Music and Videos on his YouTube Channel – here

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New Song titled “Raatan” | by Somee Chohan | Official Music Video | @SomeeChohan


Published on Feb 14, 2018

Lrics & Composition – Somee Chohan

Music – Sunny Brown

Model – Jaskiran Kaur

Video – Aidan Guynez

All music and photos belong to mention above, and the whole Team of Raatan.

The song is sung so soft and smoothly, sultry by International artist Somee Chohan.

I heard him first on my Soundcloud, a long time ago. So now this is my second time finding him again. This song continues to be repeated and if I only could purchase this song, it would be Playlisted in my RnB-Punjabi-Pop-Latin-Turk Flow. Will share that list later.

Best of luck to the Raatan Team and continued success.

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Amrit Dasu | Ft. Rishi Rich| Wrong | @AmritDasu


WRONG | Amrit Dasu just recently signed to Universal Records, with RnB vocals, smooth and clearly song has a catchy tune, that reminds me of Bieber and Mendez. Rishi Rich writes “Wrong signifies the sound of Amrit [Dasu.]” Click his Soundcloud page below for a FREE download.

Please watch his video below, and see how professional his Team is. I am loving the backup dancers. They are so perfect in this video. I absolutely love it, and you can bet I have this song on repeat. I have listed this song in my Playlist as rotation with ONLY 1 other song for 2016. I am very happy with 2 songs to start my 2016 Playlist. Do share this page.

dasu photo

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Ammar YK | New Video | Get Out Of My Head | @AmmarykMusic

Get Out Of My Head Video is OUT!!

Get Out Of My Head Video is OUT!!


New Song titled “Get Out Of My Head” by Ammar YK is available Now. More important his New Video is here!! You will NOT be disappointed.  [ammarYKmusic ]


You will lose all your senses when you hear this song.  This “poison” [love] infected Ammar so much …. he wrote and sings this  new song  with so much heart. It has touched my soul. I have been waiting on this song/video  “Get Out Of My Head”  for months. Ammar,  this is a real catchy song, everyone will be singing it. Your RnB vocals are so seksi, and sultry. Lyrics are sad, but truly incredibly believable.  Ammar really knows how to write songs about emotions. He took me by surprise, with his sensual vocals.  I’ve been truly an RnB girl all my life. When he sings, it comes straight from his soul, [and in English] Ammar please “believe in love, again”.  Thank you for this song.

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Dream Away