#Syrian migrants grace #Istanbul with their cuisine

syrianmigrant turkey

Photo Credit to Hurriyet Daily News

Syrian migrants living in Istanbul have brought their rich food culture to the city, with many of them opening restaurants across the city over the past few years.

One Mecca for this burgeoning scene is Akşemsettin Street in the Fatih district of Istanbul, where a number of restaurants offer a “fusion” of Syrian and Turkish tastes.

Syrian restaurants and shops were initially centered around the Aksaray neighborhood and its Vatan Street, where many migrants are from Aleppo. Akşemsettin Street has over the past year begun to host many migrants from Damascus, who have opted to open restaurants.

These restaurants often add Turkish names to their brands as they adapt to Istanbul. For example, one dessert shop is called “Zairouneoğlu Tatlı,” which had originally been serving in Syria since 1975 under the name “Zaitoune.”

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Skeleton of ‘Russian general’ found in #Turkey’s Ardahan

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Photo credit: Hurriyet Daily News


A coffin thought to belong to a Russian general has been unearthed during foundation excavations for a construction project in the eastern province of Ardahan, Doğan News Agency reported on April 26.

Workers found a coffin with cross on it during the foundation excavation for an apartment building in Ardahan’s Karagöl neighborhood. They informed the authorities about the coffin and police took security measures around the excavation area.

Authorities from the Kars Museum later inspected the field, discovering a coffin and a skeleton with rotten boats and a coat.

Ünver Solaklıoğlu, an archaeologist at the museum, suggested that the skeleton could belong to a Russian general who lived around 140 years ago in the area, according to initial examinations.

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Saudi Arabia Refuses Visa for Turkey’s ‘Rock Singer Imam’

Rock Band Imam

Rock Band Imam

Tüzer, who lives in the southern Turkish province of Antalya, was set to give a concert in the Saudi city of Jeddah on Feb. 18, again through an invitation by Hennix, but his visa application has been rejected by the Saudi authorities.

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