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Published on Sep 25, 2016
Catch The heart throb of punjabi music Guru Randhawa In Conversation With Rj Blondelle

Venue : The Hubb, Melia Hotel, Dubai
Camera: Afra Khanam

Enjoy the video Guru Fans, oh he does speak about his friend Bohemia. I think they need to stop asking Guru if he is single. They should be asking him “Why are you single?”

Video belongs to:  With respect all rights belong to Rj Blondelle and 105.4 Radio Spice

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Gargi girls on a selfie spree with Guru Randhawa

Fashion | Song | Guru Randhawa

Akhan Vich Akhan @realHASSANmusic New #SONG Is Killing Hearts

hassan akhan


I have seen and heard the out pouring love of Hassan’s fans, whether female or male, they are coming from all the social sites, from friends who beckon to “you must listen to this song of Hassan”. We been fans since his first song/video, and no one can stop him now from doing what he loves..singing. This song is RnB and Punjabi infused mixed with English. Hassan we are your fans forever, and keep taking it and us higher. We are here to support you, for we believe in you.

With respect photos and music belong to Hassan and his Team.




“You’re every single thing that I need”……


Kaash Is OUT!!! By: @BilalSaeedMusic

Bilal Saeed New Song- Kaash

Bilal Saeed
New Song- Kaash

Watch video and then go BUY Legally. Worth every penny you spend. I did. Great video and music production.

Song – Kaash
Artist – Bilal Saeed
Lyrics – Bilal Saeed
Music – Bloodline
Album – Kaash
Label – Speed Records

To download outside Asia:-
iTunes : Kaash on iTunes Here
Google Play : Kaash on Google Play Here
AmazonMP3 : Kaash

Bilal Saeed on Twitter here


EPISODE 2 | DARDAN NU | GURU Unplugged | @guruofficial

Dardan Nu

Dardan Nu



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Who’s That Girl?

Who's That Girl

Who’s That Girl

New Song Coming this Month.
Pehla wang support karde reho. Comment to show support everyone.
Share to spread the word.
I promise you all I will keep making different and new music for you all.



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Jass Kalkat’s “Tera Hasna”

A Rishi Rich Production

‘Tera Hasna’ is the debut video from Punjabi singer ‘Jass Kalkat’ and produced by none other than music icon ‘Rishi Rich’.

Singer: Jass Kalkat
Lyrics: Jass Kalkat & Bunty Bains
Video: Flying Solo Productions
Producer: Rishi Rich

Keep an eye out on this young man. With Rishi Rich by his side, he will soon be a household name.

Pay attention to his vocals, though very young, he has strong low range vocals, that can carry him to radio and television spots.

Do follow and keep him bookmarked for updates.

Do show support to Jass and any Artist by buying legal.

The Great Punjabi singer Gitta Bains is also a  great supporter to Jass.


Purchase Song Here at iTunes

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Please CLICK the video below to watch .

Scenerio: Gangster meets his soulmate, but ……………….

Love it so much….go on Click it.

Bohemia New Release Yaad Anah -Dropping Jan.31st-2014


Reserve Your Copy Today of Yaad Anah

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New Year’s Eve With Guru

New Year's Eve With Guru

Where are you celebrating The New Year’s Eve? Will you be in NY, Vegas, Chicago, Dallas? Maybe you will travel to Paris, Istanbul, Madrid, Dubai or India? Where ever you go be sure you hand over a copy of Guru’s Album to the DJ. He has some swift rapid dance songs that will make any party a success.
Party w/ Guru Performing LIVE at ANARCHY Delhi (NCR) NYE Passes:+91 98106 29111 /+91 9911938569
Click Photo to hear one of his songs.