Forever Alone-Coming Soon

Forever Alone

Forever Alone


The TAAJ – The TURBAN Anthem was released late last year and its still a HUGE hit.
Historically speaking, it is already a HUGE success not just in video views, but a powerful and mental inspiration to all young Sikh men.

The Bleeding Nibs an authentic way that is true to life.  As the newbie record label which made its significance with the release of “Taaj The Turban Anthem”, a much needed song of inspiration, truthfulness and faithfulness to a brand new generation of Sikh life, to carry on its history.

TAAJ – The TURBAN Anthem:

“Its not just a mere cloth that I wrap around my head every morning. It’s an IDENTITY, a PROMISE & an HONOUR of carrying along PRIDE of a GREAT HISTORY”

~ Sikh Turban Pride ~
What an awesome song or Anthem that was or still is.

Speaking…..of song;  The Record label The Bleeding Nibs. makers of ‘Taaj The Turban Anthem’
has a New video song [Teaser] Coming Real Soon.
I was privileged to view the teaser, which will be out soon for all to view.
Title: Forever Alone

An awesomeness of A Single Lifestyle
Vocalist/Singer is: Bir Singh
Featuring Abhey Singh on rap and lyrics
Music is by: Cp Singh

Anticipation is even killing me to hear Bir Singh sing again.
This is going to be your summer jam hit song.
“Forever Alone”


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Who’s That Girl?

Who's That Girl

Who’s That Girl

New Song Coming this Month.
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Jass Kalkat’s “Tera Hasna”

A Rishi Rich Production

‘Tera Hasna’ is the debut video from Punjabi singer ‘Jass Kalkat’ and produced by none other than music icon ‘Rishi Rich’.

Singer: Jass Kalkat
Lyrics: Jass Kalkat & Bunty Bains
Video: Flying Solo Productions
Producer: Rishi Rich

Keep an eye out on this young man. With Rishi Rich by his side, he will soon be a household name.

Pay attention to his vocals, though very young, he has strong low range vocals, that can carry him to radio and television spots.

Do follow and keep him bookmarked for updates.

Do show support to Jass and any Artist by buying legal.

The Great Punjabi singer Gitta Bains is also a  great supporter to Jass.


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Please CLICK the video below to watch .

Scenerio: Gangster meets his soulmate, but ……………….

Love it so much….go on Click it.

Aman Sandhu in Aashiqui Lecture Ft. Amzee Sandhu O

Aman Sandhu

Aman Sandhu



The New Video is very sweet and Aman sings so great. Yes, we loved the story line, and production is awesome and we can’t forget that fabulous music. We are loving the fiddles in the court yard, how romantic. Aman’s vocals are really great for this song Aashiqui Lecture. You will enjoy the whole video, so go on, push that button below.

Published on Jan 22, 2014
Song : Aashiqui Lecture
Singer : Aman Sandhu
Music : Amzee Sandhu
Lyrics : Love Brar
Video : Taaj HF
Editor : Reg D
Label : Planet Recordz

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Video Out Now

Video Out Now

Ammar Yk Real RnB Music

Ammar Yk Hussain - Ammar YK & Anil-

Ammar Yk Hussain – Ammar YK & Anil-

I especially love the way he says “I’m sorry” ….listen to that on “Broken” song.

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TV World Premiere Roj Shaam Nu

Roz Shaam Nu" by Gitta Bains Ft. Gangis Khan

Roz Shaam Nu” by Gitta Bains Ft. Gangis Khan

“See I can’t believe I gave you all of my loviN
Now you got me sittiN here sippiN on sum-thiN
I’m foolish so foolish…..”

Where to Watch onLine? CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO WORLD WIDE VIA MH1[Use your Devices

Singer● Gitta Bains ft. Gangis Khan
Lyrics● Gitta Bains

SONG: Roj Shaam Nu

Roj Shaam Nu

Roj Shaam Nu Ft. Gangis Khan

Please watch video below ….. service guy comes back home from duty…..he is thinking of surprising his girlfriend/fiancee.

But when he knocks at the door……she has other plans….. [Must watch]


Watch The TV World Premiere “Roj Shaam Nu”
on MH1 ● Date: Jan. 13th- 2014
Music by 4 Seasons ● with Gitta Bains ● Feat.”Gangis Khan”

Title Song● Roj Shaam Nu

Music● 4 Seasons
Singer● Gitta Bains
Lyrics● Gitta Bains
Director● Mr PI
Label● B3 Network
Digital Partner● Unisys

CLICK HERE To ENTER Roj Shaam Nu World Premiere EVENT

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Roj Shaam Nu by Gitta Bains Ft. Gangis Khan

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Music Trending Globally- Roj Shaam Nu-Gitta Bains

Gitta Bains featuring Gangis Khan

Gitta Bains featuring Gangis Khan

Trending globally in Music is Roj Shaam Nu by Gitta Bains featuring Gangis Khan.

Roj Shaam Nu w/ Gitta Bains ft. Gangis Khan

Roj Shaam Nu w/ Gitta Bains ft. Gangis Khan

Gitta Bains known world wide as a Punjabi singer, with many talents. Not only did he write this song “Roj Shaam Nu”, he has two hits behind him with the singer  Miss Pooja. This time round, working with Music by :Vishal K. Khanna/4 Seasons and Directed by :Mr PI, and adding a rapper/hip hop RnB singer named, Gangis Khan to his song and video, all together have produced an awesome video. The scenerio is about  a military guys coming back home from service, to find his girlfriend has found someone else, while he was away during service. Everything about this video and music of both Gitta and Gangis are the  vocals, which actually compliment each other. Gangis’s, English version in rapping, hip hop, and RnB,  really tells the whole story, and reaches out to all on an international level, as we all know the song of a broken heart is a universal language. Gitta may be on to something new in music collaborations.  Bringing the world of music together as a connection to create more music genre’s, rather than following  genre’s.

This song Roj Shaam Nu, is appealing now to the whole world. Gitta is originally from India, but has been living in Canada for many many years. But his country has not forgotten him and that fabulous voice of his. Adding the rapper hip hop sounds of Gangis Khan, just made the whole world pay attention. Gitta says ” Gangis is a very popular hip hop artist in Canada”.

So lets please share the song , lets make this world a better place with world music.

Roj Shaam Nu-Trending on You Tube India

Roj Shaam Nu-Trending on You Tube India

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Now watch Gitta’s Video below:


Gitta Bains

Gitta Bains


Gangis Khan

Gangis Khan