Guru-Khali Bottlan

Guru in Khali Bottlan

Guru in Khali Bottlan

You will absolutely love this video or I should say the Song Khali Bottlan. I can see performing is your passion [Guru], and it comes through in your music.  I believe deep down in my heart, he really enjoys the acting part too, way too much. I think because Guru wrote the song, he knows what he felt when writing each word.

Watch him when he performs, how his synchronization with each word is played out.
In his first video Dardan Nu [ Click to View Video-Guru In Dardan Nu- 1st Song on New Album- PageOne ] also from the Album Page One,  you can see the expressionism with each word being sung. [Notice when he sings the part on being remorseful on slapping the girls face].
Guru does not know it, or maybe he does, I believe he will be a big movie star of the screen. I believe so much in Guru. He has real talent, a unique vocal and style, and a beautiful spirit. Fans can see him projecting his heart when he performs- Guru has blessed us and it will come back to him, in the form of wonderful opportunities.
May you continue in your success and be blessed through life.
[Your #No.1 Fan- Lynn ]

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Page OnE

Page OnE

Guru is the Newest and latest Punjabi Singer from India.

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Top 10 Punjabi Songs – Guru #2

Dardan Nu

Dardan Nu

Check it out here -Dardan Nu by Guru

Coming Soon Billo On Fire Video 

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Coming Soon Billo On Fire – Audio Teaser

Coming Soon Billo On Fire - Audio Teaser

#BILLOONFIRE – Audio teaser coming on YouTube
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Guru-The Newest International Star

Guru-The Newest International Star

It takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Someone with the courage to live his dreams.
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Guru Celebrating New CD Album

Guru Celebrating New CD Album

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future.
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Guru Being Honored at Launch Event

Guru Being Honored at Launch Event

“I Thank Arindam Chaudhuri sir and Rajita Chaudhuri ma’am for honouring me with their presence at my Debut Album launch PAGEONE .” – Guru
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Interviewing the Artist Guru

Interviewing the Artist Guru

Guru’s next project…BILLOONFIRE – Audio teaser coming on YouTube
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