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High Rated Gabru-Guru Randhawa


@NusznMusic Releasing #SONG from NU #Album #NUSZN on MAY 5th

nuszn hassan

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Then its ONLY days away!!! OMG!!! on May 5th!!! Hold me down, cause I will go crazy for sure. Then he already released 3 of the songs as singles this past winter. Then now we have to wait til SUMMER 2017 for the rest of the Album? OH Oh OH- kill me now Hassan.

Producing along with Nuszn Ft. Nthabiseng, C.L.A.S.S.I.K. , DukeSoul, and Patrick Rakwena.




Below is the Preview audio of Hassan’s New Song “Akhan Vich Akhan”.


HASSAN’s new single, Akhan Vich Akhan, will be out on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all other major digital music stores on August 14.

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Now who is ready for this new song? This is the first time he will sing it in Punjab [and english]. Hassan we are super ready for this song, because you let us in your world of making the beats, and constructing the song. That in itself was amazing. If anyone missed any of his vlogs just subscribe to get them in your email box. If you sign up you also get a HUGE BONUS, his latest Album…no cash. You will love it and you will become a forever fan like me. Ok don’t forget Aug. 14th is the drop day for the audio. Below you will see titles  of several blogs I have done on Hassan, here on WordPress.  Hassan is in a lot of my other blog social sites , check LINK below.

Good Luck Hassan and your Team on the new release.

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Forever Alone Release Today

Forever Alone

Forever Alone


@ItsBirSingh [Bir Singh]
Vocalist/singer is Bir Singh
Featuring Abhey Singh on rap and lyrics
Music is by Cp Singh

The Bleeding Nibs

Abhey Singh: http://www.facebook.com/abheyJsingh
Bir Singh: http://www.facebook.com/officialbirsingh

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/307136932775088/

Guru Randhawa| Music Composer

Music Artist |Composer

Music Artist |Composer

Click Photo for a Preview of new Song

Dear Guru Ranhawa;

You are killing me Guru Randhawa. I don’t know what you have done to me…. ♥  After Rabb Ne my soul has …not been the same.   Just keep making good music….♥

Guru’s Rabb Ne | New Recent Single

The thing is…I am addicted to your vocals..the songs…the album…and this shirt!!!
A long time ago..I bought this album….by Alicia Keys.
Then you keep listening to certain songs, then you keep listening to it more and more…you keep listening even to the songs you had put aside to listen to later.
Then it just becomes a part of you…and you wonder has she [he] been here too?
You cry in some songs… you dance in others, then some you just smile, cause you get it.
So that album by Alicia Keys  is me.  The album is called “Songs in A Minor”.
Your album Page One should be bought by everyone.  At first I said “what am I doing supporting an album in a language, I don’t know?  The more and more I listened to it…the more I felt your… songs….your words.
If ever there is a chance to buy an album of an artist…do it.
There is so much emotion in your album,  Page One.  Fans have no idea what you have put together.
As in Alicia Keys album, it has reached deep in my soul.
I can sing every song, know which song is next, even when the music is going to start.
Funny thing…my 3 birdies already love  you, Guru.  Now I understand why the eldest birdie [girl] would jump on the  highest place, where she just lets out high notes, especially when song number 5 or number 8 come on.

And then there is your latest Rabb Ne. Guru’s Rabb Ne | New Recent Single
Such a deep emotional song with simple words that seem to resonate with mystery and beauty. How did you do that? Its become a most played song on my playlist.

Then there is your new video release due out June 15th. I have heard the song many many times, but to actually put it in a video for me will make everything come together for me.  I am awaiting this video, and I will be up to watch it over and over, before I comment on it.

If anyone has not seen the Preview on the song “I Like You”  from his album, Page One, below I leave it for you to get misty eye.

Don’t forget June 15th by India time zone , the video releases.

For Guru, thank you for such a wonderful album and all the extras you have done for us. I am always here for you. But you once told us you and Bohemia recorded a song together and that we would be surprise by it. Where is it? Can we see or hear it soon?

Thank you Guru.♥

Love Lynn♥


I Like you

Song – I Like you

Singer/Lyrics/Composed by Guru
Music – Paivy

Video – Cinewire

Production – Acapella Productuions
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I Like You

I Like You


Guru is on LONDON  TOUR 2014  in June. Keep supporting.  Thanks-C U aLL.  Bookings |Inquries| +44 7414472072|+91 8375010203| Guru


#ForeverAlone #Teaser #Releasing

#ForeverAlone #Teaser #Releasing

‘Forever Alone’ – First Look – Tomorrow [India time]
Going to be my Debut Release as a Video Director. Hope y’all would like and appreciate that!
#ForeverAlone – Bir Singh ft. Abhey Singh | Music: CP Singh | Label: The Bleeding Nibs
[Click Photo for Entrance to Release Event]

Forever Alone-Coming Soon

Forever Alone

Forever Alone


The TAAJ – The TURBAN Anthem was released late last year and its still a HUGE hit.
Historically speaking, it is already a HUGE success not just in video views, but a powerful and mental inspiration to all young Sikh men.

The Bleeding Nibs an authentic way that is true to life.  As the newbie record label which made its significance with the release of “Taaj The Turban Anthem”, a much needed song of inspiration, truthfulness and faithfulness to a brand new generation of Sikh life, to carry on its history.

TAAJ – The TURBAN Anthem:

“Its not just a mere cloth that I wrap around my head every morning. It’s an IDENTITY, a PROMISE & an HONOUR of carrying along PRIDE of a GREAT HISTORY”

~ Sikh Turban Pride ~
What an awesome song or Anthem that was or still is.

Speaking…..of song;  The Record label The Bleeding Nibs. makers of ‘Taaj The Turban Anthem’
has a New video song [Teaser] Coming Real Soon.
I was privileged to view the teaser, which will be out soon for all to view.
Title: Forever Alone

An awesomeness of A Single Lifestyle
Vocalist/Singer is: Bir Singh
Featuring Abhey Singh on rap and lyrics
Music is by: Cp Singh

Anticipation is even killing me to hear Bir Singh sing again.
This is going to be your summer jam hit song.
“Forever Alone”


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