#Nowplaying THE MASH-UP (#PUNJABI) | Pree Mayall Feat. Sheroz | (Produced by @PreeMayall) by #SoundCloud


Yes,  I like this song…the vocals have always been attractively smooth from both. The music takes me to a tranquil place creating a distinctive happy/ emotional mood?.

Vocals are in punjabi or punjabitrap and anyways its a hit. Listen closely to feel the whole song, you will repeat it.

This is what he wrote on his IG. 👇👇

Sheroz Mazhar and I linked up for another one! We recorded this while he was visiting a few months back, so it was definitely time to share!


Listen to THE MASH-UP (PUNJABI) | Pree Mayall Feat. Sheroz | (Produced by Pree Mayall) by PreeMayall on SoundCloud.


Do check it out and let him know what you think about the vibe.👇👇

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Multi-talented Guru and his collaborators have outdone themselves on the music and sound.  The music is extraordinary, and impressive.
Found myself singing with the Guru…and as in SameGirl, I did not like Guru getting hurt, again. His vocals are stunning, and so believable. The first moments in that red chair are so attractive I find him irresistible. Then the music goes to an almost quiet and captivates me to see this relationship unfold. I cannot stress, over how so impressed I was with the music and vocals. Guru you were electrifying, and stunning in vocals, your composing, and with all your collaborators a class act in timing and effort. I await your next release. Fabulous job!! and mind-blowing!!
Thank you Guru.