Bohemia The Punjabirapper Wows Audience

Punjabirapper a Fan Favorite of Pakistan-India

Punjabirapper a Fan Favorite of Pakistan-India

Photo Credit to: Omer Pervez

Bohemia showing natural swag at a Islamabad Concert at Top City in Pakistan.
Fans everywhere are talking about how he blew them away. The promoters HLB [High Life Bahrain] have outdone themselves, as fans have spoken on Facebook as they are posting their own photos. They have fallen in love again with their idol- Bohemia.
Bohemia lives in USA on the Westcoast as many rappers and RnB artist do. Its also known as the capital of the BEST Rappers and singers. Stay tuned as Bohemia reveals or releases a new Single titled Dada.


Superstar Bohemia

Superstar Singer Artist Bohemia

Superstar Singer Artist Bohemia

Photo above at Top City in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Credit Photographer: OP Photography- Omer Pervez
Omer Pervez Photography and Graphics Professional
The one and only Superstar Bohemia from USA’s Westcoast. Punjabirapper with some RnB and a whole lot of hip hop.
Singer and songwriter, producer. We are waiting on his New Song Dada to release very soon.

Bohemia on Set of Koi Nai

Bohemia Filming Koi Nai via IMX - [RJ Bilawal]

Bohemia Filming Koi Nai via IMX – [RJ Bilawal]

RJ Bilawal [IMX] Media Manager for Bohemia has shared his Film Shoot [Photography] of Koi Nai.
Filmed in Pakistan. Fans really appreciate the time they even took to post these.
This will make many Fans very happy. This is what my blog is about….. the sharing or giving of  something small and make everlasting smiles. Thank you very much RJ Bilawal [IMX] for this gift.

Too see these photos, I have them on this Page Link below:

Bohemia Photos from Koi Nai [by: Media Manager RJ Bilawal n Crew


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