New Song titled “Raatan” | by Somee Chohan | Official Music Video | @SomeeChohan


Published on Feb 14, 2018

Lrics & Composition – Somee Chohan

Music – Sunny Brown

Model – Jaskiran Kaur

Video – Aidan Guynez

All music and photos belong to mention above, and the whole Team of Raatan.

The song is sung so soft and smoothly, sultry by International artist Somee Chohan.

I heard him first on my Soundcloud, a long time ago. So now this is my second time finding him again. This song continues to be repeated and if I only could purchase this song, it would be Playlisted in my RnB-Punjabi-Pop-Latin-Turk Flow. Will share that list later.

Best of luck to the Raatan Team and continued success.

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High Rated Gabru | Behind the Scenes with @DirectorGifty and @GuruOfficial 

High Rated Gabru | Behind the Scenes with Director Gifty and Guru Randhawa 

 Thank you Mr. DirectorGifty for the behind the scenes look. 

High Rated Gabru -Link to video
Guru Fan Support Team Page
High Rated Gabru on Apple Music here

Dropping Soon Music Video Titled: Half Window Down | @IkkaSingh | @drzeusworld


@drzeusworld @iamneetusingh @ikkasingh @speed_records #sapphire #december #haanji Watch Ikka Here

Listen or Dance To New Song Patola | @Guruofficial | #Bohemia

Just me being funny. But for real Guru looks like he is getting down.

Just me being funny. But for real Guru looks like he is getting down.

If you know me, you know I like to be funny. I don’t know what happened. I was just watching and listening to Guru Randhawa and Bohemia’s new song “Patola”. But this time, I was watching Guru rap dancing in the background while Bohemia sang his rap part. I never realized how wonderful his movements were, even to rap. OMG!! So can you do better than Guru in his Patola Rap dance?

Made my day, but I must run now, do some errands. Keep listening and watching the Patola video. Don’t forget to do a dance. Click LINK above to watch video. Thank you Guru. We all love you.

Let’s Say Altogether #URAINGE


Ali Zafar says #Urainge in his new song of 2015 giving tribute to the victims of Peshawar school attack in Pakistan. So, join hands and share this song as much as you can on social networks with hashtag #urainge and express your sympathy to the innocent school students and teachers who were killed in the terrorist attack on Army school in Peshawar, Pakistan. A feeling expressed and compiled in a song saying that you will never be forgotten, you will always remain deep in our heart.

149 people were killed in a tragic terrorist attack in Peshawar Army school on 16th December 2014, out of them 133 were children 😦

Video Credits :

Title : Urainge
Singer : Ali Zafar
Music & Lyrics by :Ali Zafar
Label : Saga Music
Digital Partner : Unisys (

Very well Conceived Sung and Written by Ali Zafar which Says :

Haan thode se bikhre huye hain haare nahi hum
Ye bereham zulmat ki tere maare nahi hum

Haan zinda hain hum chaahe aankhein hai num
Sahenge nahin hum koi sitam
Jahaan ko dikha denge kaun hai hum
Humein maaon ke aansuon ki kasam..

Urainge us aasmaan mein
Rahenge aise jahaan mein
Jahaan dard ka koi maara na ho
Akela na ho be-sahara na ho
Koi maa se bichhda dulaara na ho
Siva ishq ke koi chara na ho…

Urainge uss aasmaan mein
Rahenge aise jahaan mein..

Khili si wahaan nikli ho dhoop
Nikhra hua har su ho roop
Gum ho jaayein taariqiyaan
Aao chale milkar wahaan

Urainge uss aasmaan mein
Rahenge aise jahaan mein..

Jahaan dard ka koi maara na ho
Akela na ho be-sahara na ho
Koi maa se bichhda dulaara na ho
Siva ishq ke koi chara na ho…

Urainge uss aasmaan mein..
Rahenge aise jahaan mein..

Video Conceived & Produced by : Ali Zafar
Flute/Orchestral Arrangement : Baqir Abbas
Programmed by : Badshah
Electric Guitar : Asad Ahmed
Acoustic Guitar : Danyal Zafar
Directed by : Abdullah Haris & Bilal Khan
DOP : Saif & Sabeeh Khan
Edited by : Mukhtar Ali Awan & Abdullah Haris
VFX (Roto) : Adnan Ayub
Post : 12Gates

Special Thanks to :

Anwar Maqsood,Ali Azmat,Aamna Sheikh, Ali Kazmi, Ahsan Khan, Asad Ahmed, Aijaz Aslam, Behroze Shabzwari, Bushra Ansari, Bilal Lashari, Fawad Khan, Fahad Mustafa, Freiha Perwez, Gohar Mumtaz, Humayun Saeed, Hadiqa Kiani, Humza Ali Abbasi, Humaima Malik, Haroon Rashid, Imran Abbas, Javed Sheikh, Junaid Khan, Junaid Younus, Mohd. Ali Sheiky, Mahira Khan, Meesha Shafi, Mehreen Raheel, Mehwish Hayat, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Mohib Mirza, Sahira Kazmi, Sajid Hassan, Sajjad Ali, Shehzad Roy, Shoaib Malik, Sanam Saeed, Saba Kamar, Ayesha Fazli, Sarfraz Niazi@JBNJAWS , Ammara Hikmat@ENCYCLOMEDIA PR, Nabila & Team @N- PRO, Faisal Qureshi, Bilal Khan, Abdullah Haris, Asad Ahmed, Danyal Zafar, Asad/Ali@STG, Sabeeh Khan, Mukhtar Ali Awan, Muhammad Husnain Mehmood, Adnaan Ayub

Video and music belongs to the above mention. I only share to spread the word.

SouthaLL | Releasing This Weekend | Best Punjabi Vocals | Guru Randhawa | @Guruofficial

Filmed in London / SouthaLL  Video Production : Hasinth Pathirana From the  Album : Page One

Filmed in London / SouthaLL
Video Production : Hasinth Pathirana
From the
Album : Page One

Filmed the Video in UK | London | Asian Community | Of Southall

In all cities there are smaller communities of people from all around the world. In UK | London there is the Punjab community of India. How important is that you come to study, or work in another city or country, and you miss your home? In each of these communities you will find the foods, and the language, you miss. Its like having a smaller version of your distant home, and its equipped with lots of new friends. Once adapted to the new surroundings, the end of your school year or work has ended and you must get back to your country. Well you end up missing your new friends, and the community you were accustom to daily. Even in USA, we have in the larger cities, China Town, Little Mexico, India, Ireland, Turkish, and so many more culture communities. Even in some countries, the road signs, and places to eat, are in different languages. In Dubai, a Turkish community is built that way, and so is Australia. With all this culture living ….why are other countries fighting?

The most important part of Southall is Guru’s vocals. So even if you don’t know the language, his vocals will speak to your heart and soul. I can’t wait much longer. I bought his Album “Page One”, and its the best value for all those songs he recorded. I been listening to the album for months now, and I know how to sing pieces of it. It has taken me through so much in my life and I expect to stay a fan for a long time.

Preview SouthaLL Here

Full Release of SouthaLL This weekend.

Full Release of SouthaLL This weekend.

Much more coming about Award Winning Artist | Lyricist | Musician | Guru Randhawa

Brand New Swag by #Bohemia

By Bohemia


Meinu karan chale kaid mere hathan’ch CIGAR
Karan roz navi kudiya nu pyaar
Hun keda sadde vaaste tyaar
Ohh shoot. . .!!


Its Brand New Swag  [BrandNewSwaG  Song and video by Twitter Ids:  @iambohemia @Hajispringer @Littlegoldpanda ]


Such a cute summer song for skaters. California is full of out door skating facilities. Every weekend you see the skaters and skate boarders out doors. When I used to be in Bay Area regularly, I loved even just watching in and about the Piers and Golden Gate Bridge. So much going on, every where. Great food and chocolate too. My fav candy in San Fransico is the salt water taffy.  So when I watched this video I was reminded of the times spent there.

The skate boarders and Haji’s crazy lyrics, was way too funny. Panda seemed right at home, his sweet dance moves, and then there was the legend himself,  in front of  graffiti  known as Art,  as his back drop. I am sure Bohemia see’s this art form everyday he drives pass it. So when I saw it in his video, I said Whoa-WOW. I very much enjoyed the scenery in the video. It was very interesting how much I was taken by the scenery, as in most video’s its the vocals, and lyrics. If this video don’t make you come to the Bay Area, and just enjoy the atmosphere, the warm sun, and cool nights, then your missing out. I would not be surprised if they used Bohemia and Haji’s video in some out doorsey commercial. This video might as well have been, an tourist invitation to the Bay Area. Except for some words, I enjoyed the catchy phrases. It was a really cute video.



Or iTunes:


Forever Alone-Coming Soon

Forever Alone

Forever Alone


The TAAJ – The TURBAN Anthem was released late last year and its still a HUGE hit.
Historically speaking, it is already a HUGE success not just in video views, but a powerful and mental inspiration to all young Sikh men.

The Bleeding Nibs an authentic way that is true to life.  As the newbie record label which made its significance with the release of “Taaj The Turban Anthem”, a much needed song of inspiration, truthfulness and faithfulness to a brand new generation of Sikh life, to carry on its history.

TAAJ – The TURBAN Anthem:

“Its not just a mere cloth that I wrap around my head every morning. It’s an IDENTITY, a PROMISE & an HONOUR of carrying along PRIDE of a GREAT HISTORY”

~ Sikh Turban Pride ~
What an awesome song or Anthem that was or still is.

Speaking…..of song;  The Record label The Bleeding Nibs. makers of ‘Taaj The Turban Anthem’
has a New video song [Teaser] Coming Real Soon.
I was privileged to view the teaser, which will be out soon for all to view.
Title: Forever Alone

An awesomeness of A Single Lifestyle
Vocalist/Singer is: Bir Singh
Featuring Abhey Singh on rap and lyrics
Music is by: Cp Singh

Anticipation is even killing me to hear Bir Singh sing again.
This is going to be your summer jam hit song.
“Forever Alone”


Don’t forget to Tweet using hash tag #ForeverAlone