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Director — RJ Sanchez
Production Company — Snow Beach
Executive Producer — Matt Zolly
Producer — Ryland Burns
Cinematographer — Drew Bienemann
Stylists — Chenelle and Chloe Delgadillo
Casting — Jonny Buckley
Art Director— Kyle Vannoy
1st AD — Parker McMillin
Coordinator — Christo Arsenio
Editor — RJ Sanchez
Colorist — Matt Osborne

Special Thanks — Alex Bittan, Brian Dackowski, Kawan Prather, Juan Ramirez, Kelsey Hack, Fotokem, Matt Osborne, and Erin Randol

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Nine Okanagan growers suspended from hiring Mexican workers.


Global News has reported that the Mexican Consulate is refusing to send workers to nine Okanagan farms this season, including A & M, over allegations of poor living conditions.

“We believe that no human being should be subject to living in a house that is infested with rats, that is covered with mold, that is overcrowded, or they don’t even have a common place to do their laundry,” said Hugo Velazquez with the Mexican Consulate General in Vancouver. “This is just unacceptable for anyone working 10 to 12 hours in the sun or in the rain.”

Source Link / Global News – CA for more here