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I am just going back around through my pages, and make sure the NEW Fans have heard all the songs, because Guru Randhawa is about to Release another Superhit titled “Downtown”. Be ready to be his #1 Fan. We have been on Guru Randhawa’s  journey since his first album [ New Album Coming Soon too] and every single he has ever released. Every song has been a super hit with millions of views. After each song releases, in a matter of hours its into the Million status. 

Be ready by listening to Back to Back Hits – Here!

Premiere Video | Tension Stress | w/MasterD aka @masterdonline | Ft. #Bohemia | May 15th

May 15th. New Video

MasterD ft. Bohemia | New Video almost here | May 15th.

ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT – Video Premiere of Tension Stress with MasterD, ft BOHEMIA [the punjabi rapper] directed by Skp Filmz Music Videos! Make sure you subscribe to YouTube to see it first! Subscribe Here

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MASTER-D – THE KING OF BANGLA URBAN @MasterDonline @BilzMusic [Ft. #Bohemia on May 15th

Master-d #tensionstress ft. #bohemia { it's all about to go down on may 15th.

Master-d #tensionstress ft. #bohemia { it’s all about to go down on may 15th.

Get ready! Masterdonline is about to take you on a weekly journey. About to show you why #bangla music needs to be represented #internationally! The hard work and hustle for shaping the #urbandesi industry and now #banglaurban!

Listen below here how he talks about Bohemia.

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If you didn’t know, Masterdonline has teamed up with Bohemia for his major debut single Tension Stress. It will be out Worldwide on May 15th! Again history in the making for #bangla music! very first time the fusion of #bangla and #punjabi mixed together changing the game for #banglaurban!
Let’s get this song to #1 and Pre-order the single now on iTunes and GooglePlay [Links below]!

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Master-d in Song is Tension Stress ft. Bohemia

Master-d in Song is Tension Stress ft. Bohemia

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Recently Bohemia was featured in Guru Randhawa’s Hit Patola. Its almost now at 2M views.

Guru and Bohemia

Click here for Patola

Listen or Dance To New Song Patola | @Guruofficial | #Bohemia

Just me being funny. But for real Guru looks like he is getting down.

Just me being funny. But for real Guru looks like he is getting down.

If you know me, you know I like to be funny. I don’t know what happened. I was just watching and listening to Guru Randhawa and Bohemia’s new song “Patola”. But this time, I was watching Guru rap dancing in the background while Bohemia sang his rap part. I never realized how wonderful his movements were, even to rap. OMG!! So can you do better than Guru in his Patola Rap dance?

Made my day, but I must run now, do some errands. Keep listening and watching the Patola video. Don’t forget to do a dance. Click LINK above to watch video. Thank you Guru. We all love you.

Watch “Patola (Song Teaser) @Guruofficial | #Bohemia (Releasing 3 April)”

Drops April 3rd. 2015

Drops April 3rd. 2015

Patola (Song Teaser) Guru Randhawa | Bohemia (Releasing 3 April)

Thank you to aLL the Fans of Guru Randhawa and Bohemia

who help get the word out. The Fans were coming out from

everywhere. We got many many views just from the clip.

Now this is getting intense, cause the fans love Guru and Bohemia

and with that kind of support we should be able to reach new fans too.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am sure Guru and Bohemia appreciate

each and everyone of you. With that said…..who is driving that Ram truck? Did you notice

that cap Bohemia is wearing? I think I even saw the actress wearing at lest 3 outfits.

I hate Teasers so much, there is no way I am going to contain myself. I may go insane.

Drops April 3rd; 2015

How do you wait that long? OMG!!



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Exclusive Interview with #BOHEMIA the Punjabi Rapper | Kuwait

Bohemia in Kuwait 2

An Exclusive Interview with BOHEMIA the Punjabi Rapper, while he visited Kuwait.


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