#Syrian migrants grace #Istanbul with their cuisine

syrianmigrant turkey

Photo Credit to Hurriyet Daily News

Syrian migrants living in Istanbul have brought their rich food culture to the city, with many of them opening restaurants across the city over the past few years.

One Mecca for this burgeoning scene is Akşemsettin Street in the Fatih district of Istanbul, where a number of restaurants offer a “fusion” of Syrian and Turkish tastes.

Syrian restaurants and shops were initially centered around the Aksaray neighborhood and its Vatan Street, where many migrants are from Aleppo. Akşemsettin Street has over the past year begun to host many migrants from Damascus, who have opted to open restaurants.

These restaurants often add Turkish names to their brands as they adapt to Istanbul. For example, one dessert shop is called “Zairouneoğlu Tatlı,” which had originally been serving in Syria since 1975 under the name “Zaitoune.”

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No Meat Allowed at Morrissey’s Istanbul Concert

Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert

Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert

The countdown has started for Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert, and the legendary British singer has requested that no sale or consumption of meat or meat products be permitted in or outside the concert area.

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Russell Crowe to come to Istanbul for film Premiere

Premiere | The Water Diviner

Premiere | The Water Diviner

The Water Diviner,” released on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli, is set to hit cinemas on Dec. 26. The film is based on a screenplay by Andrew Knight and Andrew Anastasios. The story focuses on a father from New Zealand-born Crowe’s adopted homeland of Australia who travels to Turkey in 1919. 

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