Major Lazer – Cold Water (#Remix) ft. @RealHASSANMusic | Justin Bieber + MØ


Major Lazer – Cold Water (Remix) ft. HASSAN, Justin Bieber & MØ

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Below is the Preview audio of Hassan’s New Song “Akhan Vich Akhan”.


HASSAN’s new single, Akhan Vich Akhan, will be out on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all other major digital music stores on August 14.

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Now who is ready for this new song? This is the first time he will sing it in Punjab [and english]. Hassan we are super ready for this song, because you let us in your world of making the beats, and constructing the song. That in itself was amazing. If anyone missed any of his vlogs just subscribe to get them in your email box. If you sign up you also get a HUGE BONUS, his latest Album…no cash. You will love it and you will become a forever fan like me. Ok don’t forget Aug. 14th is the drop day for the audio. Below you will see titles  of several blogs I have done on Hassan, here on WordPress.  Hassan is in a lot of my other blog social sites , check LINK below.

Good Luck Hassan and your Team on the new release.

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Vibe | #Album #Arpeggio By @HassanMusician

pablo.nobody luv


Arpeggio is a concept EP which journeys through the 6-stages of a relationship. The 6 stages are physical attraction, intellectual attraction, compatibility, longevity, conflict, and remorse.

Similarly to how arpeggio is a sequence of chordic-notes that rise and fall; the album goes through each stage of a relationship, from its highs to its lows.

Vibe is one of 6 songs from his album

Click on his website for a download of this Album, and or listen to the songs, or just click the Soundcloud to hear more of Hassan’s music.

HASSAN is an R&B/Hip-Hop artist from Toronto, Ontario. Follow  Hassan on Twitter here.

Arpeggio is available for streaming and  download on his official website, Official



All rights belong to Hassan and his management team.

Best of Luck to Hassan. [My fav RnB artist]
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ARPEGGIO | New Album | Release | May 27 | @HassanMusician



Hassan’s New Album “ARPEGGIO” releasing on May 27th and to us fans, its so hard for us to contain ourselves.

ARPEGGIO | may twenty seven

Hassan will capture your heart and soul in all his music. He is one of the greatest RnB/Pop/Rap artists coming out of Canada. He joins the ranks of “The Weeknd”, Bieber, Drake, Cole, and many more. He is giving us 6 new songs, and we are anxiously waiting. Hassan’s birthday also falls on May 27th. and am sure the party will run all night.

Happy Birthday Hassan and may your new album bring you many blessings. We love you. ❤

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RnB Artist Hassan Releases Another Super Hit | “Need”

RnB Artist

Hassan RnB Artist

Hassan has finally released his single track “Need” and video.
Watch it below.

Need by Hassan

I was so excited to watch Hassan’s video, so as I waited, [in different timezone] I fell asleep. Some how I woke up and went to Hassan’s channel on You Tube. As I am watching the video, all of a sudden my heart dropped, and I started to cry. I watch it again, and now I was just crying and being angry at Hassan. Just watch it. After watching it, I wanted to hear the song more, but I could not stop crying. Finally I fell asleep, but was tossing and turning and dreaming of Hassan’s video. All night was thinking and wondering, if this story line happened to him in real life. As I watched the video I just wanted to hold him, and comfort him. Hassan will capture your heart and soul in all his music. He is one of few RnB artists that I follow. You can follow him on Twitter Hassan on Twitter Here

Video and song belong to below:

Published on Nov 20, 2015
Music video by HASSAN performing Need. © 2015 The Note Media Goup

Available for download here!…

Share/Stream “Need” on Spotify:…

Directed by Irfan Naeem
Produced by Usmaan Mujtaba, Irfan Naeem, Hassan Naeem
Edited by Hassan Naeem, Usmaan Mujtaba, Irfan Naeem
Production Company: The Note Media Group

[My fav Photo]

[My fav Photo]

Hassan – RnB Music



RnB and Rapper Hassan.

How I find all these awesome sultry vocals…its like they are calling you to them.

This artist is climbing quickly to the top of my playlists. This is the music you want to fall asleep too…..where he can take you places no one else dares.

Just listen to these, I will add one more post of more of his music from his Soundcloud.

The video above is very hypnotising.

The official video for Hassan’s single “Inside of Her Heart” off his 2013 album, “These are the Words I Said.”

I am starting to look forward to sleeping these nights….