HSSN – Back to Me | RnB | Soulful Vocals

Vocals are crazy…song makes me so sad…. he recite’s “you don’t get to come back to me….even if you crawl on your knees”…
Wt? happened to Hassan? omg Now playing here – just click to hear “Back To Me”.

I lost his links, so keep in touch and hopefully he will contact me soon. Best RnB singer, if only he knew.

Miss you Hassan

Major Lazer – Cold Water (#Remix) ft. @RealHASSANMusic | Justin Bieber + MØ


Major Lazer – Cold Water (Remix) ft. HASSAN, Justin Bieber & MØ

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Love Me [Aahista] by Hassan | @realHassanMusic


Published on Sep 1, 2016
Official Music Video by HASSAN performing Love Me (Aahista). Here is a song for your weekend.

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Produced by DYAD Sound
Directed by HASSAN, Hasin Chaudhary, Nadir Baig
Edited by HASSAN

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With respect song, video lyrics belong to Hassan and his Team.

OVERLY DRAMATIC BROWN PARENTS | by @HassanMusician — Latinaturk’s Blog


One of my favorite musician’s, I mean actor, oh my gosh, just watch and laugh. Actually this artist vocals kill me each time I listen to him. Today I found this in my mailbox and he done killed me with this acting video. Its a wonder we love him so much. At […]

via OVERLY DRAMATIC BROWN PARENTS | by @HassanMusician — Latinaturk’s Blog

Vibe | #Album #Arpeggio By @HassanMusician

pablo.nobody luv


Arpeggio is a concept EP which journeys through the 6-stages of a relationship. The 6 stages are physical attraction, intellectual attraction, compatibility, longevity, conflict, and remorse.

Similarly to how arpeggio is a sequence of chordic-notes that rise and fall; the album goes through each stage of a relationship, from its highs to its lows.

Vibe is one of 6 songs from his album

Click on his website for a download of this Album, and or listen to the songs, or just click the Soundcloud to hear more of Hassan’s music.

HASSAN is an R&B/Hip-Hop artist from Toronto, Ontario. Follow  Hassan on Twitter here.

Arpeggio is available for streaming and  download on his official website, Official Hassan.com



All rights belong to Hassan and his management team.

Best of Luck to Hassan. [My fav RnB artist]
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Arpeggio | Its OUT | Its Intense | by @HassanMusician


Its out now in full force. I am still listening to this album, for it brings so much joy to the soul. I will say this, I myself have fallen already for 2 songs. They are titled “Self Made and Summer Nights”. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole album, but these 2 songs resonate toward me. Not just the lyrics, but the music is reading to my soul. “Self Made” makes me crazy, I can see the video in my mind. But do listen to his whole album, and download it from his website. Download Here

Above is his Soundcloud, do go by and give him a comment on the album.


Good Luck Hassan! Thank you for the gift and hope your Birthday was a blast.  Follow Hassan on Instagram Here

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