Man orders vegetarian meal on #plane receives raw #vegetables


Any vegetarian knows how difficult it can be to find a good place to eat. This can get especially tough for vegetarians when travelling.
When the time came, and the stewardess came by asking for what he wanted to eat, he chose the vegetarian option, the “Vegetarian Oriental” which was advertised as being “Prepared in Chinese Style.” When he received his meal however, he was surprised to find a small container of raw vegetables, including organic Chinese celery, which was part of the “Chinese Style.”

Reddit user, Musterknabe experienced when flying with Aegean Airlines.

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My opinion: What if he ate them and broke his tooth? Then what? Maybe next time he will ask for steamed vegetables?

US Chef thinks #Cauliflower may be the next big #food trend


For the past four years, chef Jason Weiner has offered a Meatless Monday menu at his restaurant, Almond, in New York. The idea, he says, is to urge omnivores to accept vegetables as a main course. To do this, he relies frequently on a versatile veggie almost everyone likes: cauliflower.

“Cauliflower is this blank slate. It has the ability to take on any flavor, kind of like chicken,” Weiner says. Over the years, Almond’s Meatless Monday menu has included chicken-fried cauliflower, General Tso’s cauliflower, and Buffalo cauliflower topped with Roquefort dressing, which was so popular that it was promoted to the regular menu.

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Japan’s McDonald’s Will Only Serve Small Portions of French Fries

Look at all the fries!!

Look at all the fries!!


Japanese McDonald’s to restrict their sales of french fries. The dispute, between 20,000 dockworkers and the shipping lines that employ them at 29 ports, has lengthened the time it takes to get the required tonnage of frozen fried potatoes to Japan from two to four weeks.

The dispute, coupled with rail service delays, record levels of imports into the US, and other factors, means that McDonald’s restaurants in the country will only be able to sell small portions of french fries over the busy new year period. Spokesperson Kokoro Toyama told Reuters that the situation was so dire that without the sales restriction, McDonald’s Japan “would run the danger of running out of fries at some of our stores around the end of the year or beginning of the new year.” The company cannot yet say when medium and large portions will be back on the menu.
Reuters reports that Japan imported $336 million of US-grown frozen potato products last year, making it the largest consumer in Asia. Deprived of its vital crop, McDonald’s Japan has orchestrated emergency supply runs. The company has now flown in 1,000 tonnes of frozen fries by air, but another 1,600 tonnes, launched from ports on the United States’ east coast, won’t arrive until January.

McDonald’s — usually called “Makudo” in the Kansai region, or “Makku” elsewhere in Japan — has seen its image tarnished this year after a series of supply chain problems and scandals. In July, a video showed the the company’s chicken supplier, Shanghai Husi Food, using expired meat to make chicken McNuggets at its plant in China. Sales dropped more than 20 percent in many of the company’s Japanese locations — a problem compounded when it was revealed that McDonald’s was overcharging for its McNugget replacements. The Japan-only Tofu Shinjo nuggets, made of pureed fish, tofu, and vegetables, were sold for ¥150 ($1.27), rather than ¥120 ($1.02).

The fast-food enterprise has tried to win back customers with a range of limited edition products, including a markedly unappetizing black burger, but Japanese fast food connoisseurs such as The Verge’s own Sam Byford point out that rivals Burger King had the idea first. Company managers hope the new fry-denial policy will preserve potato supplies and keep customers happy, but there seems to be one problem with the scheme — there’s no limit on how many small portions of french fries you can order.


No Meat Allowed at Morrissey’s Istanbul Concert

Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert

Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert

The countdown has started for Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert, and the legendary British singer has requested that no sale or consumption of meat or meat products be permitted in or outside the concert area.

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Kebab Sarma Beyti

 Md. Ameenuddin Obaid

Turkish Food Photos

Inspiring Foods by: Md. Ameenuddin Obaid
Taken in Turkiye

In Turkey, sarma is eaten as an everyday, ordinary dish.
Sarma means ‘a wrapped thing’ in Turkish language.

Hand-minced meat mixed with cheese and spices served with yogurt tomato sauce and rice.
Once the kebabs are grilled, take a Turkish lavash or a pita bread, lay out the kebabs in a line and spread the cheese and create a roll.
Bake the roll in an oven for five minutes so that the flavours blend in.
Slice the slightly crusty roll with a slant, lay them out on a plate and pour
in the seasoning of pureed tomato that’s been fried a little followed by white butter and cream.

Its also used with variations and ate during holidays for Crotia, Romania,  Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia.
Traditional meal for Christmas and other religious holidays (in Serbia for slava and Easter, in Slovenia and Croatia for New Year’s Day, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Eid ul-Fitr).
Traditionally, a pot filled with sarme/sarmale is usually prepared for an entire family.
Sarma is often served as one of the main dishes during wedding ceremonies.

As for me, first time I tasted this dish was near Bafra Turkiye.
I was invited to a late dinner, and as I drove up, it would be my first time to meet these people.
Owners of land that had crops, that are sold to big name companies in Turkiye.
They embraced me like we knew each other forever. It was such a great welcome.

A huge table was outside and before long was being loaded with so much food,
turkish salad, watermelon, bread, soups, and a sarma.
There was alot more turkish food. I never seen so much food before in one table.


I really wanted to stay there. I left some gifts of American soaps, candles, and candies.
I cried when I left, as it was like they were my own family.
I will always associate sarma with this family. When I go back to Turkiye, this is a must visit place for me.

Md. Ameenuddin Obaid was very intriqued with this food and we are happy he took this photograph of a celebrated food.
Thank you for bringing me some memories of my traveling the best country for friends, food and its history.
Thank you for letting me use this photo in my blog.

Here is what may be in it as basic, but is made differently throughout the European countries.


Minced meat: 1 kg

Green chillies: 40 gm

Garlic: 50 gm

Mozzarella cheese: 50 gm

Curd: 50 gm

Tomato puree: 50 gm

White butter: 50 gm


Mix the mince, green chilli paste and garlic paste with salt to taste; roll them into small balls and flatten it on skewers to grill over a charcoal fire.

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Md. Ameenuddin Obaid

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