#Bohemia & Rahul | BBC Asian Network | w/ Bobby Friction | Talk “Mahi Aaja”

BBC Boh on Mahi aaja Rahul

Bohemia: “You have to be able to express it from your pores. I have to feel that music.”

Track of the week artists, Bohemia & Rahul, tell Bobby about their new song, Mahi Aaja.

Release date: 27 September 2017

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Bohemia and Rahul on BBC Asian Network


mahi Bohemia and Rahul

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Guru Randhawa Releasing New Song and Video


Fans are awaiting the release of Guru Randhawa’s new song and video tited “OUTFiT”. It is schedule to release on Nov. 23rd. 2015.
His lastest “Khat” just released less 3 months go, has reached 4M+ hits on You Tube. Prior to that, he released “Patola” with legend Bohemia, and song also is about to reach 9M hits on You Tube.
“OUTFiT”s music was composed by the great Preet Hundal. Label will be world famous T-Series, which also has signed Guru.
Fan’s around the world know he will have another Superhit. You must listen to his vocals and you will fall for his charismatic moves and his charming looks.
Listen to Khat here.
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Guru Randhawa and #Bohemia Releasing New Music | Title: Patola |@guruofficial

New Music Coming Soon.

New Music Coming Soon | Patola

Patola is a New Song from Guru Randhawa and ft. the Legend Bohemia | Music by Preet Hundal | TSeries | StayTuned
Its almost here!! Get ready Fans!! Preview be out shortly.

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New Song | New Artist | MERI SOCH | REY ‏@Reyepicc

New Artist | New Song | MERI SOCH

New Artist | New Song | MERI SOCH

Check Out The Latest Punjabi Rap [Desi Hip Hop] Song [Meri Soch]
By: Rapper | Lyrics – Rey
Music – Daa Parvv (Desi Beam)

Song is in Punjabi, but don’t let that stop you from watching it. Pay attention to his energy level, his charisma, his movements. You will see his feelings come through from being bullied. Very powerful song, and being bullied is a universal language known by many kids.

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Mere Baare | New Single | by Bohemia | For Album Release | Winter 2014-15

New Album Coming in #Winter

New Album Coming in #Winter

Awesome news today, that Bohemia has a First Single titled: Mere Baare ready for his Upcoming New Album to be Released this Winter 2014-15. [Winter ends in March 2015] Not only that, his other single titled DADA will be included in that album. What a surprise it will be. He has not dropped any more hints, on who else if anyone will be in a ca-lab with him. We do know he was filming a couple of weeks ago, but I have no clue to who it might be. So many fans think they might know, but I really want this album to be a BIG surprise for all of us fans. Maybe it will be all Bohemia and his many poems he has written. Lets just wait and see if he drops any more hints. Though I tried to find out if any ca-labs would be in this album, we just got a DADA. Lets give him time to put his album together for us. I myself am very thrilled to hear this news. Its going to be a beautiful holiday come this Winter. But the adoring die hard fans will be in suspense, as it should be. Carry on sir. We await patiently. Thank you for today’s news. We all love you.