Ishare Tere | Super Hit | Guru Randhawa | @GuruOfficial

New music video coming soon from Guru Randhawa titled ” Downtown”. He is also coming out with a new Album, so stay in touch all around to be the first to purchase this gem of an album. In the mean time lets watch and share  “Ishare Tere” by Guru Randhawa featuring Dhvani Bhanushali. Actually this video is 172 Million views. TSeries has not updated the views and made us our cute banner. WE love TSeries!!


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Be ready diehard fans for the NEW video on October 16th. 

Super hot!!

Get Ready by listening to Guru’s Back to Back Hits!!- Here

AAJA NI AAJA | Movie – Mar Gaye Oye Loko | @GuruOfficial ft. @igippygrewal | July 20th.

From Guru Randhawa – First look of AAJA NI AAJA from the movie Mar Gaye Oye Loko ft. Gippy Grewal
Can’t wait for you all to watch this amazing song.
Out worldwide on 20th July 🙏

Kuwar Virk 🙏 The Humble Music


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KOKA | Tee Tharper ft. @JuggyD | Released Aug. 3rd. | @teethapar

juggyd moviebox


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Moviebox Presents Brand New Single “Koka”
By ‘Tee Thapar’ Ft. ‘Juggy D & DJ Dips’
Lyrics By ‘Jagdish Mattu’ Video BY ‘Sunny Dhinsey (Filmlore)’
Releasing On 3rd August 2017

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I can not hardly wait til August 3rd. Looks like in screen shot below Tee is in trouble, by the looks of Juggy D, I guess we wait. Until then please do Pre-order your music on Apple. KOKA

juggy d movie box

XXOOXX to Juggy D. 🙂

This video was not letting me uploaded here til a much later date. IDK why, but its #2 on my most viewed blogs. IDK….crazy fans.

High Rated Gabru | Releasing Soon by Guru Randhawa | @GuruOfficial

High Rated Gabru-Guru Randhawa

FANS of Guru Randhawa are NOW OUT OF CONTROL!! I am not sure how long they  wait, not much longer for the Release of his new music titled: High Rated Gabru. The Twitter wall of Guru’s has fans drawing all over his new poster, they are sketching, drawing, and re-editing any photo they find of Guru. They are full of excitement, full of Love for their Idol, The SuperStar. I guess we can join them. Follow him and read his Twitter line, or Instagram line. ITS KrAzY!!

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Guru Randhawa Releasing New Music | Suit

Guru Randhawa Ft. Arjun in | SUIT | Releases Soon

Guru Randhawa Ft. Arjun in | SUIT | Releases Soon

First time I heard him Guru Randhawa, I did not even know the language he was singing.
He co-wrote a song with Arjun  |Same Girl | and when I heard his voice, I was like who is that?

The story of two friends meeting up to get fitted for jackets as they talk more, they realise maybe this girl sounds familiar, are you sure we not talking about the Same Girl? Surely this girl cannot be the Same Girl. She happens to drop by with her fancy car, her clothes and to Guru and Arjuns surprise, it is the Same Girl.
To make things worse, she comes in with another guy!!

1st. song co-written by both Guru and Arjun

1st. song co-written by both Guru and Arjun

Not long after that he put out his first single titled, Chhad Gayi Again, I was blown away by his vocals. How can one be singing in a language I had no clue what it was, and yet understand it?

Its the way he sung it, it was like a straight connection to the soul.

Since then he has given us an album, and many singles that have gone over millions and millions of views on You Tube.[ Guru’s You Tube Channel of videos ] He has featured many artists with his songs, has performed in Dubai, Australia, to Canada, etc. and colleges, venues, shows, weddings, to TV and all over his own country of India. Guru is known worldwide and if your lucky to see one of his shows, once he flashes his smile at you, your a fan forever. His biggest hit seems to be Patola, which he features the legend Bohemia. That song is about to reach 20 Million views and it just keeps going around the world.

Now  Guru Randhawa is bringing us a new song titled “SUIT ” where he is featuring Arjun, [the famed Arjun a UK Asian RnB singer/song writer]. Could it be in some english lyrics, maybe even in RnB!! Now I am more excited.

Guru and Arjun | SUIT

Best of everything Guru. May this new release bring you much more respect and recognition.
You are still very young but very smart with great potential for a great successful career.
You are a Superstar already in our hearts worldwide.

We love you and support you 100% from your Official Guru Fan Support Since 2012 .
[We are also Guru’s first Fan Support since Same Girl 2012]

Dropping Soon Music Video Titled: Half Window Down | @IkkaSingh | @drzeusworld


@drzeusworld @iamneetusingh @ikkasingh @speed_records #sapphire #december #haanji Watch Ikka Here

Guru Randhawa Releases New Song Ad Poster


Guru Randhawa and T-Series presents First Look of my upcoming song titled: OUTFIT | Releasing Soon
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