Watch “Patola (Song Teaser) @Guruofficial | #Bohemia (Releasing 3 April)”

Drops April 3rd. 2015

Drops April 3rd. 2015

Patola (Song Teaser) Guru Randhawa | Bohemia (Releasing 3 April)

Thank you to aLL the Fans of Guru Randhawa and Bohemia

who help get the word out. The Fans were coming out from

everywhere. We got many many views just from the clip.

Now this is getting intense, cause the fans love Guru and Bohemia

and with that kind of support we should be able to reach new fans too.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am sure Guru and Bohemia appreciate

each and everyone of you. With that said…..who is driving that Ram truck? Did you notice

that cap Bohemia is wearing? I think I even saw the actress wearing at lest 3 outfits.

I hate Teasers so much, there is no way I am going to contain myself. I may go insane.

Drops April 3rd; 2015

How do you wait that long? OMG!!



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Lamborgini | Hip Hop Video 2014 | @HajiSpringer



Published on Sep 18, 2014

Haji Springer – LAMBORGINI | Official Video 2014 | | FunkBox | PrezEnt


Produced & Written by: Haji Springer
Cameos by: Bohemia, J.Hind, Marty James is proud to release Haji Springer‘s much awaited single “Lamborgini”.

The super producer from California has been working non-stop this year releasing new music and new videos like it’s nothin’!

Watch the all- ready famous “Lamborgini” below.

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Brand New Swag by #Bohemia

By Bohemia


Meinu karan chale kaid mere hathan’ch CIGAR
Karan roz navi kudiya nu pyaar
Hun keda sadde vaaste tyaar
Ohh shoot. . .!!


Its Brand New Swag  [BrandNewSwaG  Song and video by Twitter Ids:  @iambohemia @Hajispringer @Littlegoldpanda ]


Such a cute summer song for skaters. California is full of out door skating facilities. Every weekend you see the skaters and skate boarders out doors. When I used to be in Bay Area regularly, I loved even just watching in and about the Piers and Golden Gate Bridge. So much going on, every where. Great food and chocolate too. My fav candy in San Fransico is the salt water taffy.  So when I watched this video I was reminded of the times spent there.

The skate boarders and Haji’s crazy lyrics, was way too funny. Panda seemed right at home, his sweet dance moves, and then there was the legend himself,  in front of  graffiti  known as Art,  as his back drop. I am sure Bohemia see’s this art form everyday he drives pass it. So when I saw it in his video, I said Whoa-WOW. I very much enjoyed the scenery in the video. It was very interesting how much I was taken by the scenery, as in most video’s its the vocals, and lyrics. If this video don’t make you come to the Bay Area, and just enjoy the atmosphere, the warm sun, and cool nights, then your missing out. I would not be surprised if they used Bohemia and Haji’s video in some out doorsey commercial. This video might as well have been, an tourist invitation to the Bay Area. Except for some words, I enjoyed the catchy phrases. It was a really cute video.



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