Broken | New Song | by @MumzyStranger | @ArjunArtist

Mumzy Stranger
“Broken” featuring Arjun Artist out now on all digital platforms!
The first track from his new album VERTIGO

Music by Lyan Roze
Thank you to everyone involved in this project!

Song Links-video – click here

Its been so long since we heard Arjun Artist sing, that either his vocals got better, more smoother than I have ever heard him. The song is owned by Arjun, but I have always enjoyed Mumzystranger too. I keep even a playlist on him, but Arjun is awesome.

Link above also good to purchase their new song.

Best of Luck Team Broken. 💔😯

Dance | Featuring 5 Of The Best | UK | Artists #Entertainment

WORLDWIDE “DANCE” featuring F1rstman, JuggyD, Mumzy Stranger, Raxstar & Hdhamimusic Produced by Harunb3027 Urbandesi, Bollywood, Urban Asian, and Multiculture artists.

Watch and listen to Dance – Here

Update Update 🎈🕺🏽👑🍾

Thursday 13th London Shakazulucamden
Friday 14th Birmingham at Players
Catch ALL of us performing DANCE together for the first time! Myself ➡️via Juggy D, F1rstman, Mumzy Stranger, Raxstar & Hdhamimusic.
Let’s GO!! 🔥💥 dancekaro

Tonight’s About Me | New Video Song | by @JegzMusic (ft. S.A.M & Pritt)

jegz its abt me

Jegz – Tonight’s About Me (ft. S.A.M & Pritt) [Official Music Video] (Prod. By Jegz)

Published on Dec 4, 2017
TONIGHT’S ABOUT ME” – Produced by Jegz

My thoughts: I have always enjoyed the soft RnB vocals of Jegz. In every song, is always about a girl, and just him either trying to win over a girl. Jegz never wins. His last song Runaway was really good but no luck again. Now his latest I think be gives up and goes out with his friends and sings about ” Tonight’s About Me” he’s not playing no more… OMG. Watch it below, or click here Tonight’s About Me

Jegz is really a great RnB vocalist out of London. Best of luck to your whole team.

Out soon on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon & all other digital platforms.

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jegz its about me

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NU SZN | Darnelmichael – Menace (Official Music Video) | @nusznmusic

hassan 4 nu

NU SZN, Darnelmichael – Menace (Official Music Video)

Published on Dec 2, 2017
Official Music Video by Darnelmichael and NU SZN performing Menace. Produced by CLA$$IK.

My thoughts: “If I give a ride to someone to a place like this, where there is an old ouija board, and at bottom of it says [Good Bye] I am out of there so fast. Then you let me find my own way out and all I see is old photos hanging in trees!! You better hope I get out safe…… OMG. Think this video scared me, though the music is good, it really is, not counting the dramatic eerie sounds, and the vocals were excellent …… All I can say you will have to watch it at least twice, first time your busy trying to figure out a way OUT!!! Going to have to have a one on one talk to this artist.”  Watch it below.

Buy Song on iTunes | Menace

Find Song on Spotify | Nu Szn

Nu Szn on Twitter here


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Gitta Bains – Artist and Lyricst | @GittaBains 

Gitta Bains can sing and write bhangra, romantic or any genre. VSG Music’s artist is most versatile Punjabi singer. Book him for shows now!

He also writes his own lyrics for his songs, and for other artists.
We love the talented Gitta Bains. Good luck on all your new releases.

Guru Randhawa Releasing New Music | Suit

Guru Randhawa Ft. Arjun in | SUIT | Releases Soon

Guru Randhawa Ft. Arjun in | SUIT | Releases Soon

First time I heard him Guru Randhawa, I did not even know the language he was singing.
He co-wrote a song with Arjun  |Same Girl | and when I heard his voice, I was like who is that?

The story of two friends meeting up to get fitted for jackets as they talk more, they realise maybe this girl sounds familiar, are you sure we not talking about the Same Girl? Surely this girl cannot be the Same Girl. She happens to drop by with her fancy car, her clothes and to Guru and Arjuns surprise, it is the Same Girl.
To make things worse, she comes in with another guy!!

1st. song co-written by both Guru and Arjun

1st. song co-written by both Guru and Arjun

Not long after that he put out his first single titled, Chhad Gayi Again, I was blown away by his vocals. How can one be singing in a language I had no clue what it was, and yet understand it?

Its the way he sung it, it was like a straight connection to the soul.

Since then he has given us an album, and many singles that have gone over millions and millions of views on You Tube.[ Guru’s You Tube Channel of videos ] He has featured many artists with his songs, has performed in Dubai, Australia, to Canada, etc. and colleges, venues, shows, weddings, to TV and all over his own country of India. Guru is known worldwide and if your lucky to see one of his shows, once he flashes his smile at you, your a fan forever. His biggest hit seems to be Patola, which he features the legend Bohemia. That song is about to reach 20 Million views and it just keeps going around the world.

Now  Guru Randhawa is bringing us a new song titled “SUIT ” where he is featuring Arjun, [the famed Arjun a UK Asian RnB singer/song writer]. Could it be in some english lyrics, maybe even in RnB!! Now I am more excited.

Guru and Arjun | SUIT

Best of everything Guru. May this new release bring you much more respect and recognition.
You are still very young but very smart with great potential for a great successful career.
You are a Superstar already in our hearts worldwide.

We love you and support you 100% from your Official Guru Fan Support Since 2012 .
[We are also Guru’s first Fan Support since Same Girl 2012]

KHAT |Premiere | Aug. 5th | Guru Randhawa ft. Ikka Singh | @guruofficial @ikkasingh

#KHAT | Aug. 5th.

#KHAT | Aug. 5th.

Coming your way this amazing track by @gururandhawa …thumbs up! bro has got a god gift melodious voice..what better than me clicking the cover
location: Praveen Bhat Photography

khat guru aug 5th

Guru Randhawa + actress/model

Guru Randhawa + actress/model

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