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Wanna Mash Up

One of my favorite Soundtracks. Though I never got a chance to see the movie “Highway”, I am going to watch it tonight.

I bought the soundtrack from Amazon, and I still listen to “Wanna Mashup” with LadyKash. Follow LadyKash Here on twitter A Big Hello to LadyKash!! She is one of the most talented lady rapper’s with RnB vocals. Now I must go see my movie. [2014 Hit]

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[I am sleeping now]

AR Rahman in Contention For Oscars With 3 Nominations

AR Rahman | Masetro

WASHINGTON, DC: AR Rahman, the most renowned face internationally of modern Indian music, and who has two Oscars under his belt, is in contention once again, at the 87th Oscars with three of his compositions from films this year making it in the long list of 114 scores which have been announced.

via AR Rahman in contention for Oscars with 3 nominations in the long list – The American Bazaar.