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Get Out Of My Head Video is OUT!!

Get Out Of My Head Video is OUT!!


New Song titled “Get Out Of My Head” by Ammar YK is available Now. More important his New Video is here!! You will NOT be disappointed.  [ammarYKmusic ]


You will lose all your senses when you hear this song.  This “poison” [love] infected Ammar so much …. he wrote and sings this  new song  with so much heart. It has touched my soul. I have been waiting on this song/video  “Get Out Of My Head”  for months. Ammar,  this is a real catchy song, everyone will be singing it. Your RnB vocals are so seksi, and sultry. Lyrics are sad, but truly incredibly believable.  Ammar really knows how to write songs about emotions. He took me by surprise, with his sensual vocals.  I’ve been truly an RnB girl all my life. When he sings, it comes straight from his soul, [and in English] Ammar please “believe in love, again”.  Thank you for this song.

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Ammar Yk Hussain - Ammar YK & Anil-

Ammar Yk Hussain – Ammar YK & Anil-

I especially love the way he says “I’m sorry” ….listen to that on “Broken” song.

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