Another #Heartbreak Song | “Gone” #SuperHit by @BlizzyMusik Ft. @DeepJandu @Real_Minister

Gone Blizzy Deep minister

“Gone” #SuperHit by @BlizzyMusik Ft. @DeepJandu @Real_Minister [words are the music] [just another heartbreak song…] 

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Published on Sep 3, 2017
Song :- GONE

I love this song so much. It is an awesome song, and kills me each time I listen to it.

First time I heard this, I was hooked on the music and the way it was delivered.

It fits perfect into my playlist with, would you believe my RnB music vocalists.

Go buy it.

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gone blizzy2

#Survivor Album Is OUT! | By Haji Springer | Bohemia | @hajispringer

Haji and Bohemia

Survivor Track List

Follow the LINK below to purchase the album #Survivor

or use LINKS way below.

I got the clean version, really is way better than I thought.
[Guess I took a gamble on this album].

MuziK BloG: Survival Album Is OUT! | By Haji Springer | #Bohemia | Marty James | Erin O’ Niell @hajispringer

[Yes I did misspelled Survivor [Survival] 


haji and boh


On Amazon for Album: Survivor [Clean] You can also get individual songs from album.
On iTunes for Album: Survivor [Clean version]
On Google Play for Album: Survivor or Single Songs available here
On DHH Online Store: ORDER EXPLICIT NOW! for Survivor Album + Bonus Track

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Kaash Is OUT!!! By: @BilalSaeedMusic

Bilal Saeed New Song- Kaash

Bilal Saeed
New Song- Kaash

Watch video and then go BUY Legally. Worth every penny you spend. I did. Great video and music production.

Song – Kaash
Artist – Bilal Saeed
Lyrics – Bilal Saeed
Music – Bloodline
Album – Kaash
Label – Speed Records

To download outside Asia:-
iTunes : Kaash on iTunes Here
Google Play : Kaash on Google Play Here
AmazonMP3 : Kaash

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New Year’s Eve With Guru

New Year's Eve With Guru

Where are you celebrating The New Year’s Eve? Will you be in NY, Vegas, Chicago, Dallas? Maybe you will travel to Paris, Istanbul, Madrid, Dubai or India? Where ever you go be sure you hand over a copy of Guru’s Album to the DJ. He has some swift rapid dance songs that will make any party a success.
Party w/ Guru Performing LIVE at ANARCHY Delhi (NCR) NYE Passes:+91 98106 29111 /+91 9911938569
Click Photo to hear one of his songs.

@Guruofficial [Guru in My Jugni Audio Teaser

Guru Audio Teaser My Jugni

Guru Audio Teaser My Jugni

Click Link Below: ▼or photo above ▲

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Page 1 Records

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Guru-Khali Bottlan

Guru in Khali Bottlan

Guru in Khali Bottlan

You will absolutely love this video or I should say the Song Khali Bottlan. I can see performing is your passion [Guru], and it comes through in your music.  I believe deep down in my heart, he really enjoys the acting part too, way too much. I think because Guru wrote the song, he knows what he felt when writing each word.

Watch him when he performs, how his synchronization with each word is played out.
In his first video Dardan Nu [ Click to View Video-Guru In Dardan Nu- 1st Song on New Album- PageOne ] also from the Album Page One,  you can see the expressionism with each word being sung. [Notice when he sings the part on being remorseful on slapping the girls face].
Guru does not know it, or maybe he does, I believe he will be a big movie star of the screen. I believe so much in Guru. He has real talent, a unique vocal and style, and a beautiful spirit. Fans can see him projecting his heart when he performs- Guru has blessed us and it will come back to him, in the form of wonderful opportunities.
May you continue in your success and be blessed through life.
[Your #No.1 Fan- Lynn ]

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Page OnE

Page OnE

Guru is the Newest and latest Punjabi Singer from India.

via Guru.

Top 10 Punjabi Songs – Guru #2

Dardan Nu

Dardan Nu

Check it out here -Dardan Nu by Guru

Coming Soon Billo On Fire Video 

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