Waking Spirals

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”
― Roger Crawford

Lessons Loom Large. We get tested and refined in the fire of life. Sometimes it seems so hard and despair seems to come easy. We go to a dark place and carry it around inside of us. Reality has kicked us in some of our most tender spots, the spots where we erected towers which we thought impregnable but were really constructed of tissue paper and now they crumble in the rain. That’s ok though. That they would one day crumble was inevitable. At the core what’s left is what we started with. We have our divine beings, now armed with the gift of knowledge and hard won wisdom that we did not have before. From this we can build anew. Perhaps we will make another soft edifice, fated as before to crumble but it will be…

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Roj Shaam Nu by Gitta Bains

Roj Shaam Nu Official Video by @gittabains Ft. GangisKhan @Gangiskhancamo
Guy comes home from service duty, to see his girlfriend. Knocking at her door,
finally it opens, and to his dismay….his girlfriend has other plans. Check it out.


New Year’s Eve With Guru

New Year's Eve With Guru

Where are you celebrating The New Year’s Eve? Will you be in NY, Vegas, Chicago, Dallas? Maybe you will travel to Paris, Istanbul, Madrid, Dubai or India? Where ever you go be sure you hand over a copy of Guru’s Album to the DJ. He has some swift rapid dance songs that will make any party a success.
Party w/ Guru Performing LIVE at ANARCHY Delhi (NCR) NYE Passes:+91 98106 29111 /+91 9911938569
Click Photo to hear one of his songs.