Outfit | Photoshoot w/ Praveen Bhatt | Sheltun Benjamen


I wanted to show you again the photoshoot of  Guru Randhawa from his superhit “OUTFiT”. He is a great songwriter, singer, actor, model, musician, and so much more. Its a short video, so enjoy and watch his “SuperStar” status grow more in the future.

You can reach the Fashion and Advertising Photographer Praveen Bhat in Delhi, India.

Photographer – Praveen Bhat
Stylist – Sheltun Benjamen
Clothing – 0.0 & Line by Shammim Khan
Makeup – makeup artistry by Astha

Want to see Guru Randhawa’s “OUTFiT” full video? Click below.

Guru Randhawa | Outfit | Preet Hundal

Singer – Guru Randhawa

Lyrics – Guru Randhawa, Ikka
Music – Preet Hundal
Video – Nishant Sharma
D.O.P – Charan Kamal
Mastering & Mixing – B Sanj
Project by S.Mukhtiar
Editor – Gaurav K Mehra
Art work – Pankaj Sharma


All rights to above is owned by the above mentioned.

I am just a fan.


Freak | Great Song For Your Weekend | @juggyd

FREAK | Super Hit Song

FREAK | Super Hit Song

We all have had this song “FREAK” bumpin REPEAT.
We running the phone, MP3’s, laptops, tablets, computers, til they explode!!
My desktop, with the main Amazon Playlist Player, just over heated!!
Its ok, I got more tech devices.

Would you believe I blew out one of the headphones? I tell no lie, I am a Music Freak.
My Playlist is everywhere imaginable. Even my 3 companions, my birdies LOVE the song.
I think, one more day of playing FREAK, they will know all the words.
What can I say, Jay Sean, JuggyD and Rishi just closed out our summer.
That song will forever live in our hearts. It actually caught me by surprise.
JuggyD owns this song, nothing like him exists anywhere near my playlist.
Jay Sean, is a crooner of love RnB songs. I was listening to him way before
some of these other RnB Urban Asians came along.
As the matter of fact, I even recall Rishi Rich, a long time ago listening to him.
He sealed this song with so much definition and powerful beats that just stay with you all day.
I tell you this much, they have raised the bar, setting ever higher expectations of quality.
The three work together to bring about a new level of achievement unseen in the context of the latest movement
of urban asian music. Video is just pure fun, because the best was in the creation of the song.
Best of luck to all involved, may you all gain richness in your pocket, and in our hearts for many more years. [L.Y]
Watch the sweet video below.

Music and video belong to below:

Published on Sep 30, 2015
The Rishi Rich Project ft. Jay Sean & Juggy D – “Freak”
© Kamouflage Ent 2015.

Video Edited by: Adam R. Wood
Filmed by:
Johan Chiriboga – NYC
Naroop – http://AmitandNaroop.com – London
Krishan Kainth and Rohan Midha – http://flyingsoloproductions.com

Music available on iTunes and GPlay.

Jay Sean | JuggyD | Rishi Rich

Jay Sean | JuggyD | Rishi Rich

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I end with this quote:

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have
already mastered, you will never grow.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saudi Arabia Refuses Visa for Turkey’s ‘Rock Singer Imam’

Rock Band Imam

Rock Band Imam

Tüzer, who lives in the southern Turkish province of Antalya, was set to give a concert in the Saudi city of Jeddah on Feb. 18, again through an invitation by Hennix, but his visa application has been rejected by the Saudi authorities.

more on link below. Continue reading

No Meat Allowed at Morrissey’s Istanbul Concert

Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert

Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert

The countdown has started for Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert, and the legendary British singer has requested that no sale or consumption of meat or meat products be permitted in or outside the concert area.

via No meat allowed at Morrissey’s Istanbul concert – MUSIC.

Russell Crowe to come to Istanbul for film Premiere

Premiere | The Water Diviner

Premiere | The Water Diviner

The Water Diviner,” released on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli, is set to hit cinemas on Dec. 26. The film is based on a screenplay by Andrew Knight and Andrew Anastasios. The story focuses on a father from New Zealand-born Crowe’s adopted homeland of Australia who travels to Turkey in 1919. 

Russell Crowe to come to Istanbul for film premiere – CINEMA-TV.

Guru Randhawa| Music Composer

Music Artist |Composer

Music Artist |Composer

Click Photo for a Preview of new Song

Dear Guru Ranhawa;

You are killing me Guru Randhawa. I don’t know what you have done to me…. ♥  After Rabb Ne my soul has …not been the same.   Just keep making good music….♥

Guru’s Rabb Ne | New Recent Single

The thing is…I am addicted to your vocals..the songs…the album…and this shirt!!!
A long time ago..I bought this album….by Alicia Keys.
Then you keep listening to certain songs, then you keep listening to it more and more…you keep listening even to the songs you had put aside to listen to later.
Then it just becomes a part of you…and you wonder has she [he] been here too?
You cry in some songs… you dance in others, then some you just smile, cause you get it.
So that album by Alicia Keys  is me.  The album is called “Songs in A Minor”.
Your album Page One should be bought by everyone.  At first I said “what am I doing supporting an album in a language, I don’t know?  The more and more I listened to it…the more I felt your… songs….your words.
If ever there is a chance to buy an album of an artist…do it.
There is so much emotion in your album,  Page One.  Fans have no idea what you have put together.
As in Alicia Keys album, it has reached deep in my soul.
I can sing every song, know which song is next, even when the music is going to start.
Funny thing…my 3 birdies already love  you, Guru.  Now I understand why the eldest birdie [girl] would jump on the  highest place, where she just lets out high notes, especially when song number 5 or number 8 come on.

And then there is your latest Rabb Ne. Guru’s Rabb Ne | New Recent Single
Such a deep emotional song with simple words that seem to resonate with mystery and beauty. How did you do that? Its become a most played song on my playlist.

Then there is your new video release due out June 15th. I have heard the song many many times, but to actually put it in a video for me will make everything come together for me.  I am awaiting this video, and I will be up to watch it over and over, before I comment on it.

If anyone has not seen the Preview on the song “I Like You”  from his album, Page One, below I leave it for you to get misty eye.

Don’t forget June 15th by India time zone , the video releases.

For Guru, thank you for such a wonderful album and all the extras you have done for us. I am always here for you. But you once told us you and Bohemia recorded a song together and that we would be surprise by it. Where is it? Can we see or hear it soon?

Thank you Guru.♥

Love Lynn♥


I Like you

Song – I Like you

Singer/Lyrics/Composed by Guru
Music – Paivy

Video – Cinewire

Production – Acapella Productuions
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I Like You

I Like You


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