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World Premiere #Muqabla @DesiHipHopKing ft. #BOHEMIA @ShaxeOriah [@HajiSpringer OnDaBeat] #KdmMixtape #JHind
[Censored] by J.Hind x Bohemia x

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If you like RnB , soul, rap, this is a great piece of music to add to your playlist.

I am just a fan, so all of the above is owned by the below owners.

Published on Mar 21, 2016

Kali Denali Music proudly presents ‘MUQABLA’ Official Music Video from the highly anticipated Kali Denali Music Mixtape Volume 1.

Written by: J.Hind x Bohemia x Shaxe Oriah
Video by: Kali Denali Films
Location: Oakland, CA.
Edited by: Kerry Porter
Music: Haji Springer & Shaxe Oriah

© Kali Denali Music 2016

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Bohemia Latest Interviews | In 3 Parts |w/ RJ Blondelle

boh interview dubai

Here it is Bohemia’s  Interview you been waiting for in 3 parts. Get your snack and headset, its long. Click below and just listen to first one and all others will follow play.



Bohemia also named some of the artists being featured on his KDM MiX Tape releasing soon. I was multi tasking but I heard the names of [ Raxstar | DeepJandu | Sukhe  | JuggyD and Rishi Rich  | J Hind | Bilal Saeed | Hindi rapper Pardhaan  | himself Bohemia and one more…I forget…[YD]?

Anyways sounds awesome…can’t wait.

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Punjabi Favorites of 2014

Punjabi Artists Favorite of 2014

Punjabi Artists Favorite of 2014

This 2014 was filled with many Punjabi artists recording so many singles or albums. I could not keep up with all of them. They had shows throughout Canada, India, UK, USA, Pakistan, and more. They had many releases, shows on TV, concerts, Top records, albums, collaborations, new record labels, and there is still more to come. The Bohemia album is yet to be released. There are way too many other artists I enjoyed this past year, to list. Just these few in photo, kept me busy. I am sure all of them will keep us entertained in the New Year of 2015. Everyone of these artists I supported, not just in buying their music legally.

My Top 2014 Punjabi Artists. Gitta Bains, Dahek, Guru Randhawa, Bohemia, Kaur B, and J.Hind.

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Follow New Uprising Star Dahek on Twitter Here

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Bohemia on Twitter

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My Top Album, all time favorite of 2014 | Outbound by J. Hind.

There was one album, one artist who made my days and nights more bearable. The one song, I played endlessly and still play daily in all my devices and playlists. I did not add him at the top of this post. Why? Because …well you can read that post here J.Hind and Shaxe Yes, its J. Hind. I will forever be grateful for his song, “Outbound” Two Far Off.

J.Hind and Shaxe

J.Hind and Shaxe



I am excited for the upcoming year 2015 in the Music world. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed many many artists music, from Turkey to India, Pakistan to UK to USA and Canada. I enjoy music very much. Your music is my journey within….. Best of luck to all artists for the upcoming 2015. Will you make my playlist in 2015? We are all waiting… Happy New Year and many blessings.