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Tu Kya Jaane | Yog ft. Dahek | Hindi Romantic | New Song Alert

The great entertainer Dahek is always sounding good.


Prior to Release of Yaar Mod Do | Interview w/ Guru Randhawa | Millind Gaba | India Samvad

guru gaba interview

Prior to Release of Yaar Mod Do,  Here is The Interview with Guru Randhawa and  Millind Gaba with India Samvad.

Its never too late to be up and close for those diehard fans of both musicians. The benefit is too all those International fans. Do enjoy the interview and the video will follow below as well. Please share the page so many more fans can see their SuperStar.

Published on Jan 21, 2016

Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa and Milind Gaba on the launch of their new single Ýaar Mod Do’

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Punjabi Favorites of 2014

Punjabi Artists Favorite of 2014

Punjabi Artists Favorite of 2014

This 2014 was filled with many Punjabi artists recording so many singles or albums. I could not keep up with all of them. They had shows throughout Canada, India, UK, USA, Pakistan, and more. They had many releases, shows on TV, concerts, Top records, albums, collaborations, new record labels, and there is still more to come. The Bohemia album is yet to be released. There are way too many other artists I enjoyed this past year, to list. Just these few in photo, kept me busy. I am sure all of them will keep us entertained in the New Year of 2015. Everyone of these artists I supported, not just in buying their music legally.

My Top 2014 Punjabi Artists. Gitta Bains, Dahek, Guru Randhawa, Bohemia, Kaur B, and J.Hind.

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My Top Album, all time favorite of 2014 | Outbound by J. Hind.

There was one album, one artist who made my days and nights more bearable. The one song, I played endlessly and still play daily in all my devices and playlists. I did not add him at the top of this post. Why? Because …well you can read that post here J.Hind and Shaxe Yes, its J. Hind. I will forever be grateful for his song, “Outbound” Two Far Off.

J.Hind and Shaxe

J.Hind and Shaxe



I am excited for the upcoming year 2015 in the Music world. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed many many artists music, from Turkey to India, Pakistan to UK to USA and Canada. I enjoy music very much. Your music is my journey within….. Best of luck to all artists for the upcoming 2015. Will you make my playlist in 2015? We are all waiting… Happy New Year and many blessings.

Mawali Laundey | A NEW Music Video | Dahek | By @ThisIsDahek

Mawali Laundey

Mawali Laundey

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SouthaLL | Releasing This Weekend | Best Punjabi Vocals | Guru Randhawa | @Guruofficial

Filmed in London / SouthaLL  Video Production : Hasinth Pathirana From the  Album : Page One

Filmed in London / SouthaLL
Video Production : Hasinth Pathirana
From the
Album : Page One

Filmed the Video in UK | London | Asian Community | Of Southall

In all cities there are smaller communities of people from all around the world. In UK | London there is the Punjab community of India. How important is that you come to study, or work in another city or country, and you miss your home? In each of these communities you will find the foods, and the language, you miss. Its like having a smaller version of your distant home, and its equipped with lots of new friends. Once adapted to the new surroundings, the end of your school year or work has ended and you must get back to your country. Well you end up missing your new friends, and the community you were accustom to daily. Even in USA, we have in the larger cities, China Town, Little Mexico, India, Ireland, Turkish, and so many more culture communities. Even in some countries, the road signs, and places to eat, are in different languages. In Dubai, a Turkish community is built that way, and so is Australia. With all this culture living ….why are other countries fighting?

The most important part of Southall is Guru’s vocals. So even if you don’t know the language, his vocals will speak to your heart and soul. I can’t wait much longer. I bought his Album “Page One”, and its the best value for all those songs he recorded. I been listening to the album for months now, and I know how to sing pieces of it. It has taken me through so much in my life and I expect to stay a fan for a long time.

Preview SouthaLL Here

Full Release of SouthaLL This weekend.

Full Release of SouthaLL This weekend.

Much more coming about Award Winning Artist | Lyricist | Musician | Guru Randhawa

Official Teaser | Mawali Laundey | Dahek | @ThisIsDahek | Oct.10th.

MAWALI LAUNDEY Singer/Lyrics DAHEK Music : Millind Gaba

Singer/Lyrics DAHEK
Music : Millind Gaba

Singer/Lyrics DAHEK
Music : Millind Gaba
Presentation : D CUBE Productions

Releases in Full on Oct. 10th

D Cube Productions presents DAHEK the DESI Pitbul

This October get ready for the NEW KIND of DESI Hip Hop Star

Justin Bieber | #JustinBieber | #Fans

Justin Bieber - Poster Mega Boy

Justin Bieber – Poster Mega Boy

Poster Mega Boy- Justin Bieber