Man orders vegetarian meal on #plane receives raw #vegetables


Any vegetarian knows how difficult it can be to find a good place to eat. This can get especially tough for vegetarians when travelling.
When the time came, and the stewardess came by asking for what he wanted to eat, he chose the vegetarian option, the “Vegetarian Oriental” which was advertised as being “Prepared in Chinese Style.” When he received his meal however, he was surprised to find a small container of raw vegetables, including organic Chinese celery, which was part of the “Chinese Style.”

Reddit user, Musterknabe experienced when flying with Aegean Airlines.

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My opinion: What if he ate them and broke his tooth? Then what? Maybe next time he will ask for steamed vegetables?

Alibaba with Driscoll’s bring US berries to China


Alibaba Group announced a strategic cooperation with Driscoll’s, a large US berry producer, to bring U.S. food products to China. Through this effort, Chinese consumers will be able to purchase fresh strawberries directly on Alibaba’s Tmall platform.

Alibaba has developed strategic cooperation and services that enable U.S. producers, wholesalers and associations to export fresh and prepared foods directly to Chinese consumers. Cainiao Network, Alibaba’s logistics affiliate, enables same day and next day delivery in more than 1,100 counties and districts in China.


US Chef thinks #Cauliflower may be the next big #food trend


For the past four years, chef Jason Weiner has offered a Meatless Monday menu at his restaurant, Almond, in New York. The idea, he says, is to urge omnivores to accept vegetables as a main course. To do this, he relies frequently on a versatile veggie almost everyone likes: cauliflower.

“Cauliflower is this blank slate. It has the ability to take on any flavor, kind of like chicken,” Weiner says. Over the years, Almond’s Meatless Monday menu has included chicken-fried cauliflower, General Tso’s cauliflower, and Buffalo cauliflower topped with Roquefort dressing, which was so popular that it was promoted to the regular menu.

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#Syrian migrants grace #Istanbul with their cuisine

syrianmigrant turkey

Photo Credit to Hurriyet Daily News

Syrian migrants living in Istanbul have brought their rich food culture to the city, with many of them opening restaurants across the city over the past few years.

One Mecca for this burgeoning scene is Akşemsettin Street in the Fatih district of Istanbul, where a number of restaurants offer a “fusion” of Syrian and Turkish tastes.

Syrian restaurants and shops were initially centered around the Aksaray neighborhood and its Vatan Street, where many migrants are from Aleppo. Akşemsettin Street has over the past year begun to host many migrants from Damascus, who have opted to open restaurants.

These restaurants often add Turkish names to their brands as they adapt to Istanbul. For example, one dessert shop is called “Zairouneoğlu Tatlı,” which had originally been serving in Syria since 1975 under the name “Zaitoune.”

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Tarta De Queso Con Hojaldre Y Frutas


Tarta / Cheesecake with pastry and fruit


7 cucharadas de azúcar
5 cucharadas de maizena
3 huevos grandes
80 gr de mantequilla fundida
200 ml de leche
250 gramos de queso de untar
250 ml de nata para montar
1 lámina de hojaldre
1 Kiwi

Poner la lámina de hojaldre en un molde y pincharlo por toda la superficie para que no suba.
Precalentamos el horno a 180º e introducimos el hojaldre unos 15 minutos aproximadamente.
Poner en un recipiente el azúcar, la maizena, los huevos, la mantequilla, la leche, el queso de untar y la nata. Batir hasta obtener una masa homogénea y sin grumos.
Verter la mezcla sobre el hojaldre y volver a introducir en el horno durante unos 30 minutos aproximadamente.
Dejar enfriar.
Decorar con las frutas al gusto.
¡Y ya esta lista para comer!


Source: Spain News / Kitchen