A Day Without A Mexican | Kap G | @TheRealKapG

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A Day Without A Mexican Video | Here

New single “A Day Without A Mexican” out now!
Download/Stream – Here
Director β€” RJ Sanchez
Production Company β€” Snow Beach
Executive Producer β€” Matt Zolly
Producer β€” Ryland Burns
Cinematographer β€” Drew Bienemann
Stylists β€” Chenelle and Chloe Delgadillo
Casting β€” Jonny Buckley
Art Directorβ€” Kyle Vannoy
1st AD β€” Parker McMillin
Coordinator β€” Christo Arsenio
Editor β€” RJ Sanchez
Colorist β€” Matt Osborne

Special Thanks β€” Alex Bittan, Brian Dackowski, Kawan Prather, Juan Ramirez, Kelsey Hack, Fotokem, Matt Osborne, and Erin Randol

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