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Aamir writes, produces, mixes, and masters his own music. And for the many fans of RnB and the classic RnB, we are forever in his debt for keeping it alive. Not only does he write RnB he even does covers of the classics, and as a fan sometimes they are even better than the originals. I said it, I have been listening for weeks now his music, covers, and its endless. Lucky for us he is located in all the digital platforms available. His vocals, don’t let me get started, are unbelievable and at times leaves me in awe if not crying. Another thing I had to do was purchase some songs, and albums, for my own personal playlists. So let me leave you some links to purchase or just listen. Thank you Aamir for all your hard work on preserving classic RnB.

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On REPEAT | #NowStreaming on #Spotify | Patience by @HSSNMUSIC | #rnb

Here’s a song for you…

Patience by HSSN – click here

What are we waiting for… can we already give this artist/music producer a break! He needs to be signed by a record label that can hear these vocals. Do you know how much we need him in this world? HSSN has his own style, his lyrics, his music. I like a lot of RnB artists who sing in this genre and no one, no one sings with so much emotion…what are we waiting for… It breaks my heart.. Please listen to this song and purchase it, because one day he will be setting this world on fire and you can say..yes I was supporting him since “Patience” and HSSN sure has been patient. HSSN you know I been with you since day one. Love you. xoxo

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New Song Alert “HSSN – Patience (Official Audio)” on YouTube | #RnB @HSSNMUSIC


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Just listen and let HSSN carry you away to his world.


New Song Alert | Swerve by HSSN | Usman | @HSSNMUSIC

Yesterday HSSN and Usman finally released their next song titled “Swerve”. Tuesdays are super busy for me, but I always show support ❤ to the HSSN by purchasing his music. As I worked, I had the music on in the background but was not able to focus on it, until I heard some familiar verses. I was astonished and by then, I wanted to get my headphones on and pay attention, when then I heard Usman with his crazy lyrics. I had a hard day yesterday so I am going to let you go listen to this wild crazy music and lyrics. So enjoy and do let HSSN and Usman know 😉 we heard your new song. Crazy musicians. 😉🎧🕺🕺

Swerve | HSSN | Usman

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Love this DJ and his podcasts.

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